Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ugly Saturday

Both Michigan and Michigan State, to put it mildly, had a lousy Saturday. Let me start with the mighty Spartans. I can't really say too much negative about State since they are having an exceptional season. I won't let the loss to Iowa ruin what they've accomplished thus far. Unless they somehow blow any of the last three games.

You see, at the start of the year I didn't figure that State would be in this position. Iowa is a better team and proved it Saturday. They were coming off a loss to Wisconsin and were fighting for a BCS spot. I  just didn't expect a performance where they would be down 23-0 in the span of time it took me to make a sandwich. They couldn't stop the Hawkeyes if their life depended on it. Kirk Cousins picked the wrong time to go in the tank. Every time it seemed the Spartans would start moving and show some signs of life, there was an interception that cost them points on the board. I don't have much else to say. The Spartans need to regroup against Minnesota. This is a winnable game as are the games against Purdue and Penn State. If they can get a little help they can still land in the Rose Bowl.

Now i can get to Michigan. For the second straight year we get to see a fast start go down in flames. Two of the three losses are somewhat forgivable. Iowa and Michigan State are better and more physical teams. But Penn State?! That was shades of Purdue and Justin Siller. They let a walk on stater kick their tails. McLoin, McLovin, whatever the hell his name is. That's a game the Wolverines should've won. The Nittany Lions offense had been anemic for most of the year and they let them march up and down the field on them. They just had their heads handed to the by Illinois. And they couldn't beat them.

The defense just doesn't work. That Big East style 3-3-5 scheme just doesn't cut it in the Big Ten. They're too light in the ass and not physical enough. Hell, that scheme wasn't good enough to stop UMass. How do you think it would work in the Big Ten? The Wolverines couldn't come up with a stop if they took the field with baseball bats. The offense performs when they're behind. So spare me the fake comeback excuse. This team hasn't showed the kind of improvement that is needed to tough some games out. I just don't see it in them. Where's Mike freakin Barwis? He was the greatest strength and conditioning coach of all time and they look tired all the damn time. Greg Robinson's schemes don't work. And for all the offensive improvement, it's basically a one man game.

Rodriguez has to go and take Robinson with him. Hell, bring back Gary Moeller, since it's no guarantee they can't get anyone else at this point. Since that statement seems so true right now we might be stuck with the guy. In that case, get some bigger players and scrap that damn 3-3-5 and play some real football. Rich Rod can talk all he wants about being positive. What is there to be postive about. Being a home underdog? Yeah, real positive. How about the defense getting shredded week after week. That's also positive. Rich, whose eyes are you trying to pull the wool over? The offense looks good and all the problems are on defense and it doesn't get any better with JT Floyd going down for the rest of the year. Hey, that's also positive. It's looking real bad. Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase hasn't passed so good this year, but he'll look like Dan Fouts come Saturday.

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