Monday, November 15, 2010

NFL At The Half: NFC Version

I know it's a little past the halfway point of the NFL season, but I'll break it down the best way I know how.


New York Giants- Just when it looks like they've righted the ship, they come out and get whacked by Dallas. Still look like the class of the NFC East, but look out for Philly. The Giants are prone to slumping at the wrong time.

Philadelphia Eagles- This team is more of a threat with Michael Vick at the helm. They have two big ones against the Giants in the second half of the season.

Green Bay Packers- The team that's supposed to be the NFC's finest. You just keep waiting for them to start kicking around the NFC North.

Atlanta Falcons- A surprise contender to get to the Super Bowl. Definitely a team to watch.

New Orleans Saints- Maybe the rest of the league caught up to their high powered offense. Maybe it's the Super Bowl hangover. Maybe they miss Reggie Bush more than we thought.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The young Bucs are playing well. Josh Freeman is making everyone better and LaGarrette Blount is making everyone forget about "the punch". Should be playing meaningful games once again in December.

Chicago Bears- They're like the roach that won't go away. You just keep waiting for the Bears to collapse and Jay Cutler to implode.

Seattle Seahawks- Right now the best of a bad bunch in the NFC West.

St. Louis Rams- One of the season's biggest surprises. Sam Bradford is looking like the real deal.     

Minnesota Vikings- Easily the most disappointing team on the list. They have a mutiny and a lame duck quarterback. Dangerously close to playing out the string. 

Washington Redskins- Two weeks after being benched, they sign Donovan McNabb to a five year extension. This franchise has puzzled me ever since Snyder took over.

Arizona Cardinals- It hasn't been the same ever since Kurt Warner skipped town and put on his dancing shoes.

Dallas Cowboys- After Sunday's win over the Giants, maybe Jason Garrett can make Roy Williams look prophetic.

San Francisco 49ers- Mike Singletary still cannot win with them.

Detroit Lions- The train looked to be on the right track. It looks to be derailed right about now.

Carolina Panthers- Say goodbye to John Fox?

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