Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

I'll make the first part of this quick. Bad Big East and ACC football. As much as a fan that I am, I don't even know the leaders in any of these conferences.

Michigan and Illinois tipped off the Big Ten basketball, oh, sorry, played a football game that mirrored a game on the PS3. Michigan survived a triple overtime game 67-65. Ironically it was a defensive play that won it for the Wolverines. Only the rules that prevented teams from kicking extra points after two overtimes, they'd still be playing. Michigan seriously needs to get a clue defensively.

Iowa escaped Indiana because DeMario Belcher couldn't hang on to the ball. They better be careful with Northwestern on the horizon. The Hawkeyes need to stop looking ahead to Ohio State.

Gotta pimp my alma mater Navy. Ricky Dobbs and company hung 76 on East Carolina. All in regulation. Go Middies!

In what was supposed to be the game of the week, TCU trounced Utah 47-7. Nice parting gift huh? The Horned Frogs are legit and might get a crack at the BCS title game if they catch a few breaks.

Les Miles resorts to trickery to beat Alabama. Here's a good question. What if all this bullshit doesn't work? Then he would surely be out of a job.

In the Big 12 Oklahoma turned to Choke-lahoma and the Longhorns were thumped by K-State. Looks like the power is in the North this year.

The only thing that's gonna stop Cam Newton is a scandal and he has a few on his plate. Ther's the pay for play deal where they say his dad said "the money is too much to turn down" and "it's gonna take more than a scholarship". Then there's the alledged cheating at Florida. In the latter I think Urban Meyer may be a little bitter since Newton's not at Florida, where they've floundered for most of the year. As far as the pay for play deal, I hope it's not true. Newton seems to be a fine young man.

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