Monday, November 8, 2010

Let The Suffering Begin

After being jail sexed by the Green Bay Packers on a nationally televised Sunday night game 45-7, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that "people will suffer and suffer consequences". Players and coaches. Well, Jones has started wielding his mighty hammer by firing head coach Wade Phillips and naming Associate head coach and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett coach for the remainder of the year.

Wise choice, Jerry. Too bad you can't get fire the whole roster. I know you wish you could take back the trade in which the normally inept Detroit Lions front office fleeced you for a first round pick for receiver Roy Williams. Not that it could make a difference, especially how they've performed this year.

As far as naming Garrett coach, this was something that eventually was going to happen. It had to happen now since you're paying the guy millions to be an overpaid assistant. You might as well see what you have and get a feel if you want him around or not. If not I think he'll throw a ton of money at Bill Cowher to lure him out of retirement. Truth is, I don't think Jones can handle a will and personality as strong as his

I expect some more heads to roll once this nightmare of a season is over. He is the defacto GM, so I expect some players to be gone and some new ones coming in. In a way I feel sorry for Wade. It seemed that he was always in over his head. I'm not trying to be funny or rip on the guy, but it was like a country bumpkin sherriff going to takeover a police force in the city. He was a puppet and everyone knew it.

Goodbye Wade aka Bum's son. I'm sure you'll land on your feet somewhere.

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