Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NFL At The Half: AFC Version

A breakdown of the AFC

New England Patriots- Right now I have to give them the nod in the AFC due to their impressive win in Pittsburgh.

New York Jets- Two escapes against less than competition doesn't look good for a team with Super Bowl thoughts.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Even though they were blazed by New England, they are poised to make a strong run and reclaim their status among the AFC elite.

Baltimore Ravens- The "formidable" defense is having trouble stopping the pass. This could be a problem.

Indianapolis Colts- No matter who gets hurt, they just keep clicking. Next man up.

Tennessee Titans- They better hope this Randy Moss situation works out for them. So far no immediate dividends.

Jacksonville Jaguars- To be a true contender, Jags need good David more than bad David.

San Diego Chargers- May be peaking at the right time. Looks like they're ready to go on a streak.

Kansas City Chiefs- Does the glass slipper still fit. They better hope the thumping by the Broncos isn't a harbinger of things to come.

Oakland Raiders- Look like the most improved team in the league right now.

Miami Dolphins- If they get the Kansas City Thigpen, the Fish might still have a chance.

Houston Texans- Looks like S.O.S. (same old story) for Texans. Just can't seem to break through.

Cleveland Browns- Colt might be the real McCoy. They've been playing a lot better in recent weeks.

Cincinnati Bengals- Their season is done. Just waiting for the in fighting to start.

Denver Broncos- Orton has done his part. Good and bad. Which team are they?  Raiders game or Chiefs game.

Buffalo Bills- They've played tough, but really have no hope in a rugged AFC.

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