Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

To the detractors of Boise State. Play them. Stop the ducking and dodging and play them on even terms. Home and home series, not some three for one crap you guys throw at them. Until then stop saying the Broncos or TCU aren't title contenders. You can only play who's in front of you.

It may seem like a personal crusade, but the Big East and to a lesser extent the ACC should be forced to give up their BCS bids. I'm going to hate seeing someone emerge out of the mish mash called the Big East to take on an undefeated or one loss team in January. ESPN's Mark May asked does that mean South Carolina wouldn't be worthy of a BCS bid if they had five losses. At least if they went to a BCS game with five losses, it wouldn't be against inferior competition. And that means they would've beaten an undefeated or one loss Auburn team for the SEC championship.

If you know what a team is going to do on so many consecutive plays, you would think a defense would be able to stop it. You should, unless you're the Michigan Wolverines defense. The Badgers throw one second half pass and literally ran over Michigan's defense. Spare me about how Greg Robinson has to go. He has two Super Bowl rings and a national championship to his credit. It's the 3-3-5 and not Robinson that's screwing up the defense.

Illinois won the one way game to become bowl eligible. Congrats to Ron Zook for surviving to see another day on the sidelines in Champaign.

Iowa was an unwilling victim in its own horror movie once again. You know, Iowa holds the lead until late in the game only to see their opponent go the other way to score late in the game. Arizona, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and now Ohio State have pulled the same cruel trick on the Hawkeyes this year. Talk about being snakebit.

LSU got by Ole Miss in a wild one. A classic whoever has the ball last wins kind of game. The Tigers keep their BCS hopes alive.

Nevada steamrolled New Mexico State 52-6, setting up a Saturday showdown against Boise State. I know the WAC doesn't have the most elite teams but they will have three teams with 10 or more wins and they've quietly had a pretty good season as a whole.

Michigan State sleepwalked against Purdue, but came through when it needed to, to claim a 35-31 victory. Once again the Spartans came up with a big special teams play to help their cause. Denicos Allen blocked a punt to set up the winning score. They still have an outside shot at the Rose Bowl or BCS game.

USC was blown out by Oregon State, 36-7. Trojan fans should get used to this because there will be a talent drain and the losses will start mounting.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was put in timeout after his behavior in the Texas A&M game. Nebaraska chancellor Harvey Perlman and atheletic director Tom Osborne weren't too happy with the display. Pelini issued an apology to quarterback Taylor Martinez and apologized about the way he acted toward the referees. I can't blame him, the Huskers were flagged for 16 penalties.

Game of the week-Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St.

Most intriguing game of the week-Nevada vs. Boise St.: Everyone wants to see if Boise can stop Colin Kaepernick and the pistol offense.  


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