Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quote Of The Week: Kevin Iole

This comes from Yahoo! boxing analyst/writer Kevin Iole, when talking about WBA heavyweight champion David Haye and his upcoming fight against fellow Brit Audley Harrison.

Haye says he's going to "close the door on the joke known as the Audley Harrison show.

Iole wrote,   "Big deal if he does. Haye’s reign has about as much legitimacy as those Rolex knockoffs you can buy for $20 on a New York street corner. I’d say he’s disgracing the belt, but given how despicable the WBA is, that’s not possible to do. Still, Haye is deluding himself if he believes anyone regards him as a champion."

Haye does need to crap or get off the pot regarding the Klitschko brothers. He's been popping off a whole lot since moving to heavyweight and hasn't backed it up.


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