Saturday, November 27, 2010

How's This For Some Pre-Fight Hype

Boxing doesn't get as much hype as it used to due to a lack of megafights, great American fighters, and seemingly every champion being based overseas. In the Showtime sponsored Super Six tournament Carl Froch will be taking on Arthur Abraham in Helsinki. Two European fighters having a championship fight in Europe. Something long time boxing fans aren't used to.

At least we get a bit of hype from Froch's girlfriend, British model Rachael Cordingley. Cordingley must have a strong dislike for Abraham based on what she said.

"Carl's always confident and he knows he can bring the WBA championship belt back to its rightful place," Cordingley said. "Abraham is only a midget — Carl's going to dethrone the Midget King!"

Well she probably hasn't seen Abraham's resume. The man can do damage in the ring. It's pretty clear Froch knows that and he acknowledged it.

"Abraham and I are fighting for a world title and we both believe we're going to win," Froch said. "Nothing will be left outside the ring and everything will be thrown inside it. I've got to stick and move — keep out of his way and out-box him. But you know what I'm like, there will come a stage when I decide to have a good old scrap on the cobbles instead!"

It should make for an entertaining fight, but there are very few that know this fight is happening. These fights should be happening over here in the States, but since MMA seems to be taking over and the best fighters are ducking certain opponents (Floyd Mayweather), we don't get the championship fights of the past.


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