Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dick Jauron gets canned

Dick Jauron was fired today as head coach of the Buffalo Bills.I can understand why they fired him.The bottom line in sports is wins and losses.Always has been, always will.Thing is,was it really his fault.I really don't think so.He was saddled with a mediocre team that wasn't that close to making the playoffs.For crying ou loud,he inherited the great J.P. Losman as quarterback.Please don't take me calling Losman great seriously.Losman has since been beaten out by Trent Edwards and is now quarterbacking in the UFL.Edwards hasn't lit the world on fire either.He's shown flashes but he's not a difference maker.They signed Terrell Owens to take heat off of Lee Evans and that has blown up in their face.See,Jauron was only responsible for replacing Losman.He didn't sign this roster or Owens.I'm sure he had some input in the draft room but how much? Also,who was responsible for the firing of former offensive coordinator Turk Schonert? Jauron or management? The offense has been lousy all season long and that's being generous.I'm not saying he didn't have input on some of this,but i'm sure he didn't have a whole lot of veto power with the Bills brass.My point being,he should have been given more time,at least until next year to fix some holes on the roster.I know its all about wins and losses but the Bills are on their fifth coach since 2000.You can't have high turnover on the sidelines all the time.Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will take over in the interim.

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