Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iverson's chumping out if he retires

I like Allen Iverson.I really do.I just think he's a chump if he retire's and bails on the Memphis Grizzlies.At this point in his career he should be chasing after a championship and not pouting about coming off the bench. Ivereson started the self sabotaging last season when he pouted about his role with the Pistons. Granted, Memphis isn't close to championship material, but that doesn't mean he has to cry his way out of town.Now he's on a leave of absence to take care of "personal affairs". If this is it for him,its a terrible way to go out.He can still help a team out and could be a missing piece to a championship team.He would have to do it off the bench,but it appears that he's resigned to starting, therefore making him unsignable.It was a stellar career,but it looks like the end of the line.  

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