Friday, November 27, 2009

The Hot Seat

The college basketball season has started anew and there are fresh faces in new places,on the court and most importantly the sidelines.This will be one of many posts about coaches on the hot seat.

Ernie Kent,Oregon-It's true Kent has led the Ducks to two Elite Eight appearances during his time in Eugene.It hasn't been enough to satisfy the masses.They have enjoyed success,and I'm not trying to bash the guy,but what has he done in between the deep tournament runs.Not a whole lot.This is a critical year for him after an 8 win campaign last season.Right now they're at 3-2 with losses to Portland and Montana.Keep piling on those type of losses won't help his cause.

Jerry Wainwright,DePaul-I for one would like to see DePaul basketball back on the map.I just think Wainwright isn't the on to get it done.He was hired to tap into the talent rich Chicago area and he hasn't been pulling in the top players in the city.Last season's winless Big East record was brutal.With this being a "down" year for the conference the Blue Demons will have to show marked improvement.They've been repectable so far with a victory over Northern Iowa and a close loss to Tennessee.Let's see if they can keep their early momentum going.I personally think this would be a good landing spot for Pete Gillen.

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