Friday, November 13, 2009

LeBron wants league to retire Jordan's #23

LeBron James wants the league to retire the number 23 ala Major League Baseball did with Jackie Robinson's number.James also says he will switch his number to 6 to pay homage to Jordan.He thinks that no one should be able to wear 23 again.
  Although I think this is a noble idea, I just don't agree with it. Jordan was the greatest player of the modern era and arguably the greatest of all time. I just don't think there should be a leaguewide retirement of his number.He did make the game more globally known,but unlike Robinson,he wasn't a trailblazer and had the stage set for him to succeed upon his entry into the NBA. I'm not a Jordan hater. Even living here in the Detroit area where he isn't well liked by a lot of the locals,i'm not a Jordan hater. He was great,but wasn't exactly my favorite.I do give him an enormous amount of credit for bring the game into international consciousness.I just don't think his number should have a leaguewide retirement.
  James on the other hand says one of the reasons for choosing the number 6 is because Julius Erving was his second favorite player.Sorry LeBron,I just can't buy that one unless you watched lots of video.By my calculations, Erving was at the end of the line by the time you started watching basketball.

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