Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ward takes down Kessler in Super Six tournament

American boxer Andre Ward defeated Mikkel Kessler in a first round match,claiming the WBA super middleweight title in the process.Ward won by a technical decision after the fight was stopped in the 11th round because of a clash of heads the prodeuced a cut over Kessler's eye.Ward was ahead on all three scorecards and was seemingly headed toward a win before the stoppage.The win was the first by an American in the Super Six tournament.Kessler,the favorite, was baffled by Ward's speed and defense
proved to be too much for the Denmark native.
  This now gives it a the U.S. vs. Europe storyline in the tournament that i noted in a previous blog.There was a lot of chirping out of Kessler's camp after the loss.Mostly about the referee,Jack Reiss showing preferential treatment to Ward,who was fighting close to his hometown of Oakland. Kessler's promoter,Wilfried Sauerland,says Reiss allowed Ward to get away with head butts and elbows without any warning.Sauerland further stated that he would not bring any of his other fighters,which includes Germany's Arthur Abraham,who also participates in the Super Six,to fight in California.
  Ward is scheduled to take on former champion Jermain Taylor,if Taylor chooses to continue.the last I heard from him was about a possible retirement.As far as Kessler and Sauerland,it sounds like sour grapes.If anyone had a right to feel jobbed after a fight in this tournament it was Andre Dirrell,who lost a close decision to Carl Froch.The first two fights were fought in Europe,which I feel gave the European fighters an advantage over their American counterparts.I'm not waving the American flag,but I'm just calling it as I see it.That's why you don't hear of a lot of the European champions because of their reluctance to take a fight outside of their home continent.Meanwhile,hats off to Ward,who put together a great performance over the favored Kessler.Hope he has more success in the Super Six.     

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