Saturday, December 5, 2009

Detroit Tigers offseason plans

The Detroit Tigers finished the 2009 season losing to the Minnesota Twins in a one game playoff heartbreaker.What they do from here on out is anyone's guess.The Tigers really weren't that good last season and more than likely would've suffered the same fate as the Twins in the playoffs.The extra game or two would've brought more money to the organization but also served as false hope to Tigers fans.With the team losing money,being in what is termed a small market,and having to cut costs in a tough economy(especially in this region),this shapes up to be a critical offseason for the Tigers.
   Just this past week they had to let go of one of the better players,Placido Polanco,who signed with the Phillies.That move costs them in a number of ways.First he was a Gold Glove second baseman who clearly had his best years in Detroit.He signed a two year deal for about $6 million a year.Affordable yes,but not for the Tigers.If it wasn't for the ridiculous incentive laden,back loaded contract given to Magglio Ordonez they might not be in this position.Secondly,they have to give his position to rookie Scott Sizemore,who I may be wrong,suffered a broken leg.He should be back for spring training.Finally,since they did not offer arbitration to Polanco,they will receive no compensatory draft picks that they could definitely use.The Ordonez factor clearly hamstrings this team.They won't be a player in the free agent market and will be looking to remain competitive while going low budget.There have been rumblings about trading Curtis Granderson or Edwin Jackson.I would trade them only if the price is right or if they took on one of the pricey contracts of Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis.Highly unlikely,but its worth a try.They should try to find a few low cost free agents such as outfielder Austin Kearns,shortstop Khalil Greene,utilityman Bobby Crosby,pitchers Mark Mulder,Guillermo Mota and Jason Jennings among others.I really don't think the young guys in the farm system are ready to help,if they were they would be here right now.We'll have to see how everything unfolds and what kind of team they field for 2010.Either way it goes it might be a long season for Tigers fans. 

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