Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Man's Opinion

It seems that we've all heard about Tiger Woods' infidelity.Personally,I've had enough of it.I'm tired of women saying he's getting whatever comes to him.Tired of it being called racist since he's married to a white woman, although I do have a take on that.I'm tired of everyone coming out the damn woodworks claiming to have had some hot sexual action with Tiger.
   What he did was wrong from all sides.But you can't blame Tiger for it all.Everyone knows it takes two to tango.And there was some naked twister going on with that tango.I have no explanation for the call girls and women of that ilk he partied and sexed up.But for the "girlfriends",I got something to say.Tiger knew he was married and so did they.It still doesn't make it right and I'm not condoning his behavior.They could've told Tiger no,but they didn't.Know why?Because they fell in love with Tiger's money,not Tiger.They fell in love with his celebrity status and they wanted a piece of that world.Now if it's Willie the clubhopper asking for some action,they'll turn him down,because in they're mind he's a nobody,no matter how much money he has.That's because no one really cares about Willie Clubhopper and no one knows much about him.No celebrity status or anything of that nature.If they cab say no to Willie,they can say no to Tiger when he approaches them that way.But Tiger had status and they weren't gonna tell him no.See,if Tiger is at fault so are the women that let him charm his way into their life.To me they saw dollar signs an are gravy trainers.I know lots of people won't agree with me,but OH WELL!I don't expect anyone to comply to what I say about this topic anyway.
   Now there seems to be a so-called race angle in this.Some say it's similar to what O.J. Simpson went through.White America loved O.J. until he murdered one of theirs.Yes,I said he did it and still think so to this day.They loved Tiger Woods.He was similar to a modern day O.J. without the baggage and pre murder.I'm not saying any of this is racist,but you could see where it could be that way.Remember way back when ,when O.J. used to hawk all kinds of products on television.Now fast forward to now where Tiger was the best golfer in the world.Thought of as pure and wholesome.A major pitchman for many products on television.Now it seems they're dropping him like a hot car.Now here's the race angle.You can be king of the golf course,but not anything else.Stick to entertaining us on the golf course and go back in your hole.It's like how they wanted Muhammad Ali to be but couldn't silence him.Once again,I don't expect anyone to agree with me,but oh well.At least Nike head honcho Phil Knight hasn't abandoned Tiger Woods like the rest of corporate America. 

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