Friday, December 18, 2009

The Hot Seat Vol.3

Once again its the hot seat topic.There was another coach joining the ranks of the unemployed last week,as Penn fired Glen Miller after an 0-7 start.I would hope to see more schools hang on to their coaches as some are in situations that are difficult to start any kind of winning culture.

Jeff Bzdelik,Colorado-Bzdelik seems to always have one eye on the NBA.That could be a good thing considering he's coaching at Colorado and someone else wants you to coach their team.What he did at Air Force hasn't translated to success in Boulder.He inherited a lousy situation and doesn't seem to get any better anytime soon.His NBA pedigree hasn't helped in recruiting and he only had one conference win last season.You don't want to see a coach out after three seasons,but it might happen if he comes close to duplicating what happened last season.

Jeff Lebo,Auburn-Lebo got a repreive after last season's 20+ wins and NIT appearance.True,Lebo hasn't had much to work with,but the administration upgraded the basketball facilities and they'll want a postseason appearance of any form to justify the money spent.

Fred Hill,Rutgers-Hill is getting talent to Rutgers.Will he be around to coach it?The Big East was loaded last season so he got a pass.It won't be as brutal this year so they'll expect to see improvement and if Seton Hall makes a splash,the powers at Rutgers will be quick to pull the trigger on Hill.

Paul Hewitt,Georgia Tech-To me,this seems to be a bit unfair.I know,he's only reached the NCAA's twice after the 2004 title game appearance.Also,two wins in conference doesn't help his cause.He's put together two good recruiting classes so he should have a big year.Another thing,powerhouse teams like the one in Chapel Hill don't make you look good either.They need to cut Hewitt some slack.

Todd Lickliter,Iowa-See Bzdelik above.The only thing is that previous coaches have won at Iowa.Players transferring out of Iowa City hasn't helped him build the team he would like to have.Its tough to recruit to Iowa these days.What can they sell a recruit on,a picture of B.J. Armstrong?He's a good coach who should be given more time to get the train rolling.

Stan Heath,South Florida-Even though its only been three years,which is too quick to cut someone loose,Heath has to be feeling the heat.Heath is known as a good recruiter,but his coaching acumen is being questioned.

Norm Roberts,St.John's-This should be the year the Red Storm get it turned around.Roberts has had some bad luck(injuries),but the supposed New York City recruiting connection hasn't turned into gold as some had hoped.He needs this to be an NCAA squad or he could be taking the next subway train out of Jamaica,Queens.They did have a respectable showing at Duke,so that may be a good sign.        

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