Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The BCS is a fraud and Texas got over

This BCS mess is getting out of hand.They got the championship game right,but the rest of the matchups could've been better.Texas vs. Alabama is a college blueblood matchup.These are two traditional titans in the sport and the game could be a classic.Key word there is could.Ohio State vs. Oregon pits the usual Big Ten/Pac-10 teams against one another and I see nothing wrong with that.My problem is I think they could've shuffled the deck and excluded Iowa,but I guess someone has to play in these games.The TCU/Boise State game is something of a cop out.The honchos at BCS headquarters will spin this about two undefeated teams going head up and will pitch it as kind of a second national championship game.WRONG!TCU could whip Boise 100-0 and everyone will say,they didn't play against one of the big boys.Why couldn't TCU or Boise State have gotten the nod to go against the fighting Tebows.If not for the fact that the BCS had to take Iowa  the games could be more interesting.It almost sounds like a conspiracy as much as I hate to say it.
  All that leads me to the Texas Longhorns.As of now it seems the experts are picking the Tide to roll over Texas.That could be proven correct but we won't know until they play the game.All I know is that Texas better play a helluva game.The way they played against Nebraska in the Big 12 title game raises doubts if they should be on the same field as Alabama.Also they were very lucky to escape against the Huskers.That pass Colt McCoy nonchalantly tossed out of bounds came dangerously close to running the clock out.Yes,they won the game fair and square,but think about it,if they were ahead by 20 do you think the refs would've put that 1 second back on the clock.I don't think so.Mack Brown needs to brush up on his time management in case the same scenario plays itself out again.As a fan, I hope for an entertaining and competitive bowl season.

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