Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm on the Brandon Jennings train

After another impressive early season performance,I'm officially on the Brandon Jennings train.The flashy,playmaking rookie point guard has made me a believer.The kid can flat out play as evidenced by his 55 point outburst against the Golden State Warriors last weekend.Last night he lit up the Charlotte Bobcats for 29.Those teams are far from the elite in the NBA,but it is against the best the world has to offer and he wasn't expected to do this.He won't make the Milwaukee Bucks contenders,but he makes them watchable.
   When he snubbed college for Italy,many were skeptical.It was a trailblazing decision,which had never been done.It seemed everyone predicted failure for Jennings for the fact he was far from home,playing with pros and not getting much playing time.I'll admit I was also skeptical.Instead its looking like it worked to his advantage.Jennings got a lot more practice time in Italy than he would've under the guidelines at Arizona. He didn't play much,but he used the time as a learning experience.He listened to the coaches instead of pouting and now its all paying off.I don't advocate this move for all high schoolers.I'm a fan of the college game and would love to se the top players there.But if college isn't your thing then maybe going overseas might be the best option.Jennings used this to become more acclimated to the pro game and lifestyle,and I'm glad to see he's doing well.Let's hope he keeps this up as I see him being one of the more entertaining players in the years to come.

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