Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frank reportedly out as Nets coach

New Jersey Nets head coach will reportedly coach his lats game tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers.The Nets have lost their first 16 games to open the season.Management wanted to give Frank more time since some of the team's key players such as Devin Harris and Courtney Lee were out.After seeing the Nets lose their most winnable game of their western road trip to the Sacramento Kings,management came to a decision that it would be best to let Frank go.
  I haven't watched much basketball so far this season,but perhaps it was time.Reports were that the team was playing uninspired basketball and that several players had tuned him out.At least management realized it wasn't all Frank's fault as they stood by him when most would have fired him a long time ago.Frank led the Nets to the playoffs three time,winning the Atlantic Division title twice.Some executives believe he could still land another head coaching job.Frank is a highly credible coach and did a good job keeping the Nets competitive in the ever improving Eastern Conference.The Nets probably needed a breath of fresh air,as the roster had changed from a primary veteran core to a young team with a lot of players that haven't been in longer than 5 years.

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We Go In! said...

While I agree that he is at best a decent coach that has done some good things with his stint with the Net; Frank just wasn't the man for the job. He had help with all the players that Byron Scott groomed together. When Bryon left, you still had the Eastern Conference Champs on your hands minus one or two players so you really had to succeed. But as time grew, Frank was slowy getting exposed.

Now my take on this should be; since the Nets are moving to Brooklyn, and one of the co-owners is Jay-Z, why not bring in a Ny york coach such as a Mark Jackson, or even a Patrick Ewing since he wants to come back to the City that loves him and he help build, one shot at a time.

Just a thought..