Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dallas Cowboys Start Clothing Line

The Dallas Cowboys have found another revenue stream. They've started their own clothing line called nineteen60, a reference to their inaugural season.

Here's a description from

The Dallas Cowboys are proud to announce the release of their new apparel line, Nineteen60. Nineteen60 is an upscale, understated, fashion forward line for the Dallas Cowboys most discerning fans. It features unique, detailed pieces for both men and women and is designed for the fashion conscious male and female fan looking for more than just a t-shirt. This line will appeal to the trendsetting fan in both the boardroom and at the tailgate. It is tradition, style and luxury. You've never seen Cowboys fans dressed like this.

Once again it looks like the Cowboys are ahead of the curve when it comes to expanding their brand. I wouldn't look for other teams to follow suit though. For the Cowboys sake they better hope the clothing line performs better than the team did in their first season in 1960. The Cowboys were 0-11-1 that season.

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