Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tressel Is The Biggest Fraud In College Football

Jim Tressel is the most fraudulent human walking around right now. This isn't a biased opinion, it's damn true. I know it'll burn up the Ohio State faithful, but I don't care. The guy is a liar, cheat, and flat out dirty. it just isn't him either, the school president and athletic director are both cosigning this mountain of bullsherky.

He knew about his players selling their athletic gear/merchandise for eight months, but says he didn't want to put his players in danger. Ok Jim, you didn't know what to do. You call the compliance office and report the transgressions you dope! Instead you sit by and let things slide and basically play a whole season with ineligible players. Instead he offered the confidentiality defense. He covering up something and I can't wait for the NCAA to come to toen and blow the lid off Columbus. I'm not saying this because I'm a Michigan fan, only because if you're caught cheating you should get hammered. I mean major violations, not for spending 5 minutes extra on the practice field. I know it would give the Big Ten a black eye, especially since head honcho Jim Delany went to bat for the Buckeyes before the Sugar Bowl.

 The Ohio State Universtity has nearly 400 violations Tressel's watch. He had violations at Youngstown State. This isn't Ed Martin bad, but it's bad. In my opinion, this looks like lack of institutional control. There was the Maurice Clarett deal, the Troy Smith violation, and now this. Not to mention lots of minor violations that were self reported. I bet Ohio State is hoping that since they self reported so many times, the NCAA will have mercy on them. I hope the NCAA burns that program down like General Sherman. If they don't the NCAA are a bunch of hypocrites. If Dez Bryant can lose a year of football for lying to investigators, then the Buckeyes should be going on probation for Tressel's lies on top of lies.

Tressel should be fired for, just like Steve Fisher was ran out of Michigan for his role in the Ed Martin case. He knew about this and didn't say anything and now he's acting like he's actually sorry for this whole mess. I hate to say this though, Ohio State will get a slap on the wrist and will go on winning and competing for Big Ten titles and national championship. If I'm Pat Hill of Fresno State I'd be worried because somehow the mighty hammer of the NCAA will come down on you and your program, because that's the way the system works.      

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