Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dallas Clark Doing Some Acting On The Side

With the NFL lockout now a reality, Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark has a side hustle. He's acting. Clark will be playing a detective on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. The report at says the episode will be airing on April 13.

Clark says acting has always been a dream of his and it's not money motivated.

"This has nothing to do with money," he said during a phone interview Wednesday. "This is fulfilling a dream of mine of being an actor."

Clark took some acting classes in college and met one of the show's writers there. The writer thought to put Clark in one of the episodes. Clark will have two lines in the show. He's hoping to do more after this appearance.

"I've got two lines to impress somebody. That's my goal. I've got to impress someone," Clark said. "Maybe I could do an Allstate commercial, you know, like you're in good hands."

That would be a good career choice after his playing days are over. With football you never know when that will be. 

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