Monday, March 28, 2011

Dez Bryant Sued Over Jewelry Bill

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is having a busy offseason. First there was the incident at Northpark Mall. Deion Sanders blasted him in the media. And now he's being sued for not paying his jewelry bill. And that's all we know of.

Bryant has been sued by Rafaello & Co according to a report in the Dallas Morning News, for $246,000 for eight to 10 pieces of diamoned-encrusted jewelry that he ordered more than a year ago after he declared for the NFL draft.

“My client’s counsel in New York has been trying for at least six months to get him to pay,” said Mike Bowers, a lawyer with the firm of Bell Nunnally & Martin in Dallas, who is representing the jeweler. “We still would obviously like to have a satisfactory resolution to this outside of a trial.”

Of course, Bryant couldn't be reached for comment. I guess Dez never got the memo that the "bling" era was done and over.

Bryant ran up a $267,000 bill and paid $21,000 of it. I know Deion didn't mentor him on that.

"One was religious-type jewelry," Bowers said. "One was his name with his area code."

Maybe the good lord can help him in getting this matter taken care of. Clean it up Dez. Starting right now.


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