Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Report: J.R. Smith is broke

Usually when a player is entering free agency the famous quote of "it's not about the money" is always thrown around. Because it's always about the money no matter what a player says. For New York Knicks free agent guard J.R. Smith it will be all about the money.

According to reports Smith chose to play with the Knicks instead of the Los Angeles Clippers because the Knicks offered $2.4 million to the Clippers' $1.4 million. The other part of why is because Smith was "financially broke".

Smith's father, Earl, is pushing for J.R. to stay in New York, I guess since it will be the place that will pay him the most money.

A source told ESPN New York that Smith’s father, Earl, is going to make a strong case for his son to stay in New York, but “it’s very clear that the money is the biggest factor with him.”

In fact, when Smith chose the Knicks over the Clippers in mid-February after coming back from China, a source said the Knicks’ higher offer ($2.443 million to the Clippers’ $1.4 million veteran’s minimum) was the deciding factor because he was financially broke. Therefore, Smith will likely opt out and ask for the 20 percent raise. At that point, the ball will be in the Knicks’ court to re-sign Smith, who’s already said publicly that he wants to return next season.

Smith has earned nearly $26 million in the eight years he's played plus another $3 million from playing in China. He'll probably go into denial about being broke. If he is it's pretty sad especially since he's still playing.

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Cedric cox said...

Buying all that crap hanging with the wrong crew..that will make ur pockets very empty.trying to be that true homeboy will make u look like a sucka for real..