Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kiper Says Pryor Will Be A Tight End In The NFL

Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor will be suspended for the first five games of the upcoming college football season. Almost everyone knows that. The question is how much will it hurt his NFL aspirations. If it's up to draftnik Mel Kiper he would have Pryor switch positions. Maybe moving him to wide receiver while still at Ohio State.

Kiper also thinks Pryor will project to being an H-back or tight end in the NFL, pretty much the same thoughts he had about Tim Tebow.

"I've thought all along he was a tight end," Kiper said on a conference call. "I talked about (former Florida quarterback) Tim Tebow the same way last year.

"I think his best chance to be a very good NFL player is as an H-back. I think Pryor is going to be a projection to tight end."

Kiper feels that Pryor needs to work on some things, mainly throwing to succeed as a quarterback. I feel Pryor is an athletic wonder but he needed those five games to hone his skills at the position.

"Accuracy," Kiper said when asked what he could improve on. "Throwing the football is the main thing.

"He has to throw the ball, and he has to be precise with the football, and he has to do the things from a pure passing standpoint."

"Did he need to play those five games to prove he can be a quarterback? Yeah, he did," Kiper said. "I think there is going to be some concern whether he is going to be a quarterback or a position change, like I said, to a tight end spot."

Kiper is not the end all, be all of how a person does in the NFL. Maybe Pryor will surprise his skeptics and prove that he is an NFL worthy talent at quarterback and not tight end or some novelty player. I feel he should get a chance to play quarterback before they try to switch positions.

I think the talk of switching him to a different position might hurt him more than the five game suspension. That will get into the heads of the league executives before he gets a chance to prove he's worthy of being a quarterback.  


Jon S. said...

I Think this is wrong. Pryor is a great QB and moving him to an H-back or to tightend would be a waste of his skills. He has been traing through collage to be a QB and moving him in his seniour year is just stupid and its like moving a life long reciver and moving him to corner, it just dosent work. If he dose switch his chances in the nfl are slim to non. Everybody makes mastakes,sure he was stupid and was not thinking but what he did that Should Not be a reason for him to change. He alone carrys that team and if OSU is smart enough keep him at QB, good. I no I would not want to take my playmaker out of his spot. He is one of the best QuarterBackes in the nation sence his freshmen year and i think he should keep on with it. Not everyone is blessed with his skill to stand behind the line and do what not many people can do, and thats throwing. Kiper talks about how he needs to work on throwing. The game is changing and QB's dont just throw, its almost like there runningbacks that can throw. This is a changing game and he is on top

chris edwards said...

Well said Jon. I agree with you. He is one of the top playmakers in the nation and the notion of him changing positions shouldn't even come into play. As far as the NFL goes, give him a chance to prove he doesn't belong at quarterback rather than saying he can't play it.