Thursday, April 7, 2011

Karl Wants To Play Mavs In Playoffs, Not Thunder

If George Karl has his way, the Denver Nuggets will play the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs. I wonder if the Mavericks will take this as a slight and tank just so they can play the Nuggets and beat them to a pulp once the playoffs roll around. Not saying that will happen, but it's a thought.

The Nuggets beat the Mavs 3-1 in the season series. Karl believes that since the Nuggets appear to be quicker and athletic than Dallas and would be a good matchup for Denver.

"If we had to pick and choose on it, we would probably say 55 percent Dallas, 45 percent Oklahoma City, only because Oklahoma City is athletic like we are and they have two great players," Denver coach George Karl told Ian Fitzsimmons of ESPN 103.3 FM's Galloway and Company, referring to Thunder forward Kevin Durant and point guard Russell Westbrook. "They have two All-Stars who are really in their prime and have never won on the playoff stage. I just think right now our speed might have more effect against Dallas than it will against Oklahoma City."

Karl also mentioned that the Nuggets would have the luxury of "doubling" off Shawn Marion.

I do think Karl is right in his assessment of playing an older, jump shooting, less athletic team. I just think he should've kept those comments to himself. They might come back to haunt him. 

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