Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can You Really Go Home Again?

Could ex-West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez come back home and lead the Mountaineers back to the brink of national prominence? Maybe. It would be strange, controversial, and there would have to be a lot of ass kissing and tears shed (by Rich Rod) for that to happen. It could be what West Virginia needs after the Bill Stewart era and smear campaign.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying kiss and makeup and everything will be alright in Morgantown. If he were to come back they might need the national guard to clam down the angry mob that probably is still angry from the mention of his name. But just listen to why this could work.

First there is the Dana Holgorsen situation. The first sign of trouble he incurs off the field and he'll be gone. Granted, he was a hot name for coaching jobs and highly sought after as a coordinator. So yes West Virginia has the man that waas going to take over for Stewart after this year anyway. Now if Holgorsen is successful he's gone. He has no loyalty to the program or the state of West Virginia. I know loyalty is a dirty word in the business of sports because there isn't any, but do you really think he's going to want to stay there if he starts to win big. That answer is no. He'll be out the door pretty fast. You ask me why. Because in my opinion West Virginia is a stepping stone for Holgorsen. He won't say it personally, but to me he seems like the type that will bolt as soon as something better comes up. And probably will trash you guys on the way out the door.

Another thing is who wants to stay in West Virginia? I'm not trying to be funny or rip the state in general. It just doesn't seem like a destination except for a select few, like Don Nehlen or Rich Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a hometown guy and would love to go back. He admitted it was a mistake to leave and go to Michigan. Also remember he did come back after leaving for Alabama briefly. Yes he did have an eye on a bigger job, but deep down he probably wanted to stay and there were probably some problems that I or the public don't know about which may have led him to go to Michigan. When he was in Morgantown, Rodriguez was West Virginia. He loved the state and they loved him back. Until he left for Michigan.

Lastly, he was the most successful coach in Mountaineer history. The Mountaineers were always a team that won between 7 and 9 games with a surprise undefeated run mixed in. Rodriguez brought them to a brink of a national championship and smoked Georgia and Oklahoma in BCS games. True, Stewart coached them in the Fiesta Bowl against the Sooners, but that game plan had Rodriguez all over it. He won Big East titles and got them to BCS games. He had them in the national championship mix. Easily the most successful run in Mountaineer history. Also he loved West Virginia, no matter what the locals there think.

There was a messy divorce and a lot of drama after leaving Morgantown. But all parties need to get over it. More the natives of West Virginia than Rodriguez. You see Holgorsen will leave you high and dry and once again you'll be feeling like a scorned woman and once again be angry. Bring Rich Rod back and have him be the hero. Maybe he could bring you the national championship you guys covet so bad. It may not be ideal, but if you guys want to remain relevant after three years of mediocrity and another year of uncertainty, bring back your native son.

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