Friday, June 10, 2011

Ex-Buckeyes Have Doubts About Pryor Being NFL Ready

Terrelle Pryor has limited his options for his future since he spurned the Canadian Football League and the UFL for that matter. There are some who think he can make it in the NFL like Jon Gruden and some who don't like Mel Kiper Jr.

There are two former Ohio St. Buckeyes that feel Pryor isn't ready for the bright lights of the NFL. Chris Spielman and former Buckeye quarterback Greg Frey seem to fall in the camp of those who think Pryor could be a failure.

"I would be surprised if somebody took him before the fifth round in a supplemental draft," said ESPN college football analyst Chris Spielman, a former All-American linebacker at Ohio State who played 10 years in the NFL, including eight with the Lions. "That's the obvious statement that you're not ready to play (but) you'll maybe have an opportunity to grow into the job. Right now, he's not close. That's not to say he can't get there, but right now he's not ready to play at all in the NFL."

"The big question I think everybody wants to know is: Can he play in the NFL? Yes. But there's got to be some growth, certainly, from a fundamental standpoint and a maturity standpoint," Frey said.
"From what I can see of the NFL game there are a lot of progression-type reads where you have to see the whole field. And that takes a special quarterback."

If anyone would know it would be Frey. Considering he tried and failed to make it in the NFL.

I always say all someone needs is a chance. Pryor will get that chance, with who, I don't know. He plans on entering the NFL's supplemental draft and there will be a team that will take a flyer on a guy who was MVP in two BCS bowl games.


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