Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Time For Full Blown Rebuilding In Pistonland

Now thats it's been a few weeks since "Beverly Hills Billy", Tom Gores has taken over control of the Detroit Pistons , it's time for Joe Dumars and company to get down to business in rebuilding this team. Gores taking over was step one in trying to get the Pistons back to the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference. The second step was firing coach John Kuester.

Kuester wasn't a bad guy or a bad coach, he just wasn't a good fit with this edition of Pistons. He inherited a losing situation and the veterans on the team (namely 2004 holdovers) weren't showing Kuester any respect.

Now they have to make a good hire at the coaching position. At this point they have listed Lawrence Frank, Kelvin Sampson, Mike Woodson, and Dwane Casey as favorites, even though Casey might be scratched off the list. Personally, I would like to see Woodson or Frank get the job, but that's not my decision to make. I say that because those are the only proven commodities I really know. If they hire an unproven coach they'll have to unload some veterans that aren't cut out for rebuilding. Dumars has shown impatience with coaches so he must be dead on with this hire. Which leads to this.

Get rid of the 2004 holdovers. It's over, gone and done with. It's time to get rid of Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince and the only reason I would let Ben Wallace come back is to be a mentor to the younger players. Prince is a free agent so I would let him walk. Unless I knew I could get something for him then I would do a sign and trade and Dumars is so loyal to Prince that he wants him back. I dont know what you can get for Hamilton at this point. He has a bad contract and is on the wrong side of 30 so you won't get much for him. Maybe Dumars can get the handgun and panty hose and pull off another robbery in trade. Probably won't happen, so Piston fans don't start those dream trade scenarios. It's not gonna happen.  

Draft a point guard. If the Pistons could be lucky enough to have Kemba Walker fall into their laps, take him. I don't think that'll happen, but they do need a floor general. The Pistons don't have a point guard and I'm tired of seeing Rodney Stuckey masquerade as one and Will Bynum come off the bench as a welfare version of Jason Terry. They likely won't find one in this draft since Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, and Walker will be off the board when it's their turn at pick number eight. If that is indeed the case go big. There's been talk of one of the Eurobigs ( Jan Vesely, Bismack Biyombo, or Jonas Valanciunas). All are boom or bust picks but you never know. Biyombo would give you defense and rebounding, something non existent with the current roster. Vesely looks to be the most proven and Valanciunas may have the most upside. If they go there I would also take Purdue's JaJuan Johnson in the second round if he's still on the board. Johnson does need to bulk up, but he played in the rugged Big Ten which scores points with me. Oakland's Keith Benson, Georgia's Trey Thompkins, and Jeremy Tyler could all be possibilities since the Pistons have two picks in the second round.

No more forays into free agency. The last free agent signings produced Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. I still like the Gordon signing as I think he wasn't used properly and had a few injury problems. Villanueva on the other hand, I still don't like it. He's allergic to defense and rebounding. And that's why I named all the possibilties in the second round of next week's draft. If Charlie V. continues on like this, he'll find himself chained to the bench. The best hope for him is that he shows enough to be traded. This is far fetched but I'd call Golden State to see if they would take him for Andris Biendris. Won't happen, but one can dream can't they.                

Gores has said that Dumars has three years to right the ship, so this year's draft and coaching choice will be critical in seeing that the ball gets rolling in a positive direction.

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