Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pennington To Recharge Himself

After his latest injury, a self inflicted injury playing pickup basketball, NFL quarterback Chad Pennington will be taking time off to work for Fox Sports.  Pennington will work with Fox's Sam Rosen as an NFL analyst, provided the the players and owners can come to an agreement to save the season.

Pennington last played for the Miami Dolphins and was rehabbing a shoulder injury that cost him last season. While he should've been taking time off and dedicating it to rehab, Pennington tore his ACL playing pickup basketball. I'm not calling the guy brittle but he's only played two full season's since coming into the league, 2006 and 2008. So this is a good decision to take the time off and re-evaluate himself.

"I'm actually going to take this year off, get healthy and do some work for Fox Sports," said Pennington, the NFL's only two-time Comeback Player of the Year.

"I'm going to evaluate things and see where I am physically."

No one knows if Pennington will attempt a comeback, but if he does I think he'll make a good mentor to a young quarterback.

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