Friday, June 17, 2011

Biyombo Has High Hopes

I don't know a lot about Bismack Biyombo. I do know that he's from the Congo, he's an NBA draft prospect that will get drafted in the first round, he's played less than a full 2010-11 season in Spain's ACB, regarded by many as the second-best league in the world, and he's not lacking for confidence.

I don't scoff at anyone that is confident in their abilities. It's just that when you're going to wind up playing against the best basketball players in the world and have nothing on your resume' except a few showings except America's top high schoolers and playing in Spain. But if you don't have confidence in yourself, who will.

In an interview with's Scott Howard-Cooper, Biyombo believes he can lead the NBA in blocks and rebounds.   

“In the NBA, I’m sure that I can block a lot of shots, more than I do in the ACB. I can get a lot of rebounds than I do here in the ACB. Why? The reason is, in the NBA there is a lot of one-on-one. A lot of times I watch games, they’re trying to force stuff. They’re trying to go just one-on-one and get the basket. I can say for myself the best block shots are not with your man. It’s when you’re going to help someone.”

So, do you believe you will lead the NBA in blocks?

“I do.”

Will you lead the NBA in blocks?


Can you lead the NBA in rebounding?

“Yes, I will.”

You will lead the NBA in rebounding?

“Yes. Of course. Hundred percent.”

Some mighty blod words for someone that hasn't played an NBA game and doesn't have a strong body of work. From what I hear he is offensively challenged, but is a strong defender and rebounder. If he can be a good role player and parlay  some of those rebounds into some easy buckets he might live up to his lofty standards.   

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