Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vince Carter To Get Bought Out In Phoenix?

A blurb by the Arizona Republic's Paul Coro says that the Phoenix Suns are expected to buy out Vince Carter's contract  instead of trying to seek a trade for the veteran swingman. The buyout is would be around $4 million.

That would be a smart move by the Suns as Carter isn't even a shell of the high-flying showman he once was. To me he hasn't been the same since almost leading the Toronto Raptors to the Eastren Conference finlas. It would be hard for Phoenix to find a trade partner for Carter since his value has went down the toilet and couldn't be a consistent producer for the run and gun Suns and couldn't run the pick and roll in Orlando with Dwight Howard.

I do believe there will be suitors for Carter if he is bought out. Maybe a contender that could use some scoring off the bench (hello Chicago) would be a good fit for him as long as he doesn't still fashion himself as a starter. The last contending team he played for (Orlando) he disappeared in the playoffs.

I look for him to stay in the league on reputation alone and some team will hope that they can catch lightning in a bottle.     

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