Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Terrell Suggs Doesn't Have To Say Much

Before the seaon started Baltimore Ravens linebacker fired the first shot in the Ravens /Pittsburgh Steelers feud. He wore a t-shirt that said  "You bet your sweet ass I hate the Steelers" at training camp.

Now he's wearing one that sums up how he'll always feel about the Steelers. It says "Hey Pittsburgh" with a
Raven telling the Steelers that they're number one. Unfortunately I don't have a visual for it.

This rivalry is old school. Almost like the old Raiders-Steelers rivalry. Old style football the way it was to be played.

Nah, there ain't no message," Suggs said. "Like I always say, I put on for my city. They rep their city and I'm repping mine. So, here we go. When it comes to football, it's the most physical game of the year. It's going to be a physical gang fight, just like the first two games were. "When we go down there, they always hit us with the number ones. I don't know how they act here because I've always been in the locker room by the time all the fans get here. I'm pretty sure we're hitting them with the number ones. It's whatever. We're just going to go play a football game."

There's no rivalry today that can equal the Ravens/Steelers blood feud today.

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