Monday, August 12, 2013

Report: Doc Gooden's family evicted from their New Jersey home after he fails to pay rent

A report by TMZ says that Dwight Gooden's estranged wife and two kids have been evicted from their New Jersey mansion last month after Gooden refused to pay rent. The family moved into the home back in September 2011, but  when the marriage hit the skids, Dwight moved out in March.

The former New York Mets star stopped paying the $4,500 per month rent in February. The owners claim the family stayed in the home all of March, April, May and June and never received a rent payment, which put Gooden and his family in a serious hole.

The landlord is suing for about $19,000 plus legal fees. Gooden's wife and kids were forced out of the home on July 11.

There is no word on where they are staying at this moment.

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