Friday, January 14, 2011

Bill Cosby Has Some Advice For Cam Newton

I have a question. When did Bill Cosby start giving advice to athletes? I know Cosby does carry a lot of credibility in the enterntainment field so maybe he's just trying to make sure that others don't go down the wrong path.

While in Birmingham, Alabama, Cosby had some words, not harsh ones, for Cam Newton. Through some back channels and someone from the Jay Leno show, Cosby found out the Newton admired his comedy.

"This is very important for me to say to Mr. Newton, do not make the mistake so many young quarterbacks, regardless of race, color or creed, have made. Study, study, study. Make the supreme commitment, because this is not street football, and millions of people are counting on you. Make that word key -- commitment. Commitment to your behavior as a human being with others watching and you as a role model ... and you will be able to guide and lead. Learn your plays, know everything. Your mind is brilliant, and so is your body."

Wow, advice from Bill Cosby. That's almost like gold. Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell could've used these words of encouragement before going off to steal millions of dollars from their respective employers (Chargers and Raiders). Cam seems to have a good head on his shoulders and knowing what he's gone through this year, he should take these words to heart.   

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