Saturday, April 23, 2011

Former NHL Enforcer Brashear To Try His Hand At MMA

Former NHL tough guy Donald Brashear has been busy in a low level hockey league since being bounced out of the league in 2010. There just wasn't any room for in the league for a one dimesional pugilist that amounted to a professional bouncer.

Brashear has now decided to take those "handy" skills to the world of MMA. Brashear signed with a Canadian promotion called Ringside MMA.  Brashear was capable of handling himself on the ice, but the octagon is a whole different story. Ask street brawling legend Kimbo Slice how hard it was to make the transition to MMA.

According to Patricia Vincent of, there is a different reason why Brashear has changed course and hung up the skates. He's running from the law.  

Now playing in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey (LNAH), Brashear has recently been investigated for an incident that allegedly occurred at the end of a game against the Trois-Rivières team on March 25. Charges of assault were filed against Brashear, who was also suspended for five games.

The complaint has been filed against Brashear, on behalf of the alleged victim, Eric Labelle, by the Trois-Riviere team, Caron et Guay, and is now in the hands of the crown prosecutor.

Brashear hasn't yet applied for his license so him going to fight might be a moot point. I he does get licensed he could debut at the June 4th show in Quebec City (Ringside 11). I'm no fortune teller, but I don't see a bright future for Brashear in MMA.

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