Friday, October 30, 2009

Twitter makes trouble for athletes

Nothing against the Twitter craze going on right now, but i just don't get it. To me it's almost like what i'm doing now your giving details of your day. Over the summer i began to hear more about professional athletes "tweeting". If i'm an athlete i want no part of this. You might as well invite the press over or get a reality show, which is another topic for another day. Now athletes are finding themselves getting in a bit of hot water over twitter. One is the case of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The thing about it is it wasn't him "tweeting", it was his brother Marcus lighting the flame. It was all about Larry's role in the offense and apparent disenchantment with the coaching staff. Of course there was some damage control done, now all is well in Cardinal country.This past week it's soon to be former Kansas City Chiefs star Larry Johnson. He goes on his twitter account and blasts his teammates, using gay slurs along the way, and flames his coach, Todd Haley. After the story comes out he tries to make the account private. Too late. He's now suspended  and banned from all team activities. He's apologized and has filed a grievance with the NFL. One local case involved Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions. He alledgedly was giving updates on whether or not he was going to play. I know Chad OchoCinco swears by it, but i just think it's more trouble than it's worth. Just line up the news trucks outside your home if you want to let everyone know what your doing.    

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