Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Cable guy gets renewed in Oakland

After the off field problems and sometimes lackadaisical play,Tom Cable remains head coach of the Oakland Raiders.Cable will never be mistaken for Vince Lombardi,hell,not even Tom Flores.And the current edition of the Raiders won't remind experts of great Raiders teams of the past.Bottom line,right now the Raiders are a bad football team.Occasionally they played over their heads and rose up and beat some playoff contenders.They played with that famed Raider pride and poise every once in a while.Now I will only give Cable some credit because he's the coach.I think they won the five games they won this season was because after being kicked so much,pride kicked in and the players decided they had enough.I won'y put this all on the players,because I think some of the teams they beat overlooked the Raiders and chalked it up as an automatic win before the game was played(Broncos and Steelers).But it possibly saved Cable's job.

   The Raider job isn't a plum job because of that smarmy,crotchety,senile old man known as Al Davis.He demands things be done his way or your out.He's a worse meddler than Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones.Also who would want to coach a team where you have hardly any input on personnel and allegedly limited game planning.Mr.Davis has to know that a 70's game plan won't win  any games in this day and time.Somehow,despite Davis reportedly looking for other coaching candidates,while still retaining Cable,Cable wants to stick around.Maybe because this will be the only head coaching job Cable will have in the near future or at any point at all.Maybe it's because no one wants a piece of the fabled Raider empire.The candidates mentioned,there were only two,Jim Fassel and someone whose name escapes me right now,both said they weren't interested and were not interviewed for the job as reports said.I don't blame them.I know I wouldn't want to coach there.Somehow Cable stays with a team that wasn't a 5 win team but somehow it got to that number and Davis is delusional for thinking it's more than a 5 win team.Hey, Cable did say this was his dream job.How that is,I don't know. 

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