Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr. Marbury goes to China

Stephon Marbury has decided to take his game to China. An odd choice, but considering the bizarre behavior he had during the offseason it comes as no surprise.Marbury turned down offers from the Celtics and a few European teams believing that someone would pay him $8 to $10 million to play.I must say he was quite delusional in thinking that someone would pay him that much.He will reportedly make $25,000 a month.Also,according to reports,he wants to see can he market his Starbury line of shoes and apparel.As a businessman that could turn out to be a smart move.I guess he's not as crazy as his behavior exhibited over the summer.
  Marbury's skills haven't eroded.The man can still play.Thing is,his reputation precedes him.The rep about being a coach killer and selfish have dogged him more than questions about his ability.He might've scored at least a veteran's minimum contract if he didn't put his crazy behavior on display over the summer.He's going to China's Shanxi Zhongyu to resurrect his career.If he can lift that team from 12th place (it's a 17 team league),he could possibly get another shot at the NBA.    

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