Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Brothers McGwire

To someone on the outside looking in,Mark and Jay McGwire have a strange relationship.It started with a swat to Jay's son on the backside to a book detailing Mark's steroid use.Yesterday Mark said that "he never wants to see Jay again" and that he's "saddened" by the book.In the book Jay says that Mark did use them to recover from injuries,but also knew he would gain size and strength .I guess Jay would know since he's a former bodybuilder.
  Really,Mark's use was no secret.If you look at him from his rookie year to his later years with the Oakland A's and St. Louis Cardinals he gained a lot of size.Same thing with Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa,two other noted sluggers from the steroid era.I do believe Mark used them to heal from injuries,since he had so many of them before his last few years in Oakland.I also believe he used them to gain more strength,since he was primarily a home run hitter(check the stats).Personally,I really don't care.If that's what he and many others choose to pump in their bodies,then so be it.I'm sure they'll pay for it somewhere down the road.I know it's not fair to other players that don't use them and have their path to the majors blocked by someone that is.
  As far as the relationship between him and brother Jay,I feel it shouldn't have come to this.Yes,Jay has a book to sell.A book that probably should've never been written.I understand their relationship has been strained since 2002,when Jay's stepson,Eric, tickled Mark and he spilled coffee on himself.Mark gave Eric a swat on his backside raising his wife,Francine's ire.She then decided to no show Mark's wedding.Jay has spoken out previously about Mark's use of steroids.Now he's co-authored a book about it.Even if you aren't getting along,you don't sell out your blood brother like this.I'm wondering what former NFL quarterback and brother Dan McGwire is thinking about this.I guess there won't be any full fledged family gatherings in the near future.Right now it looks like blood definitely isn't thicker than water.

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