Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hearns fighting foreclosure

According to a report in the Detroit News,boxing legend and seven time world champion Thomas Hearns is facing foreclosure on his Southfield home.Records show that Hearns owes $961,156 in delinquent taxes and mortgage payments.The "Hitman"made $40 million dollars over his career,but this is another setback in a with a long string of financial problems.Hearns says he is working to keep the house and pay the debts.I'm just hoping he can get this straightned out and that he's not broke.There seems to be a lot of former athletes that go broke due to being ripped off by "financial advisors",bad business deals,and "helping" others maintain a lavish lifestyle.Being one of my favorite boxers of all time,also one of the most entertaining,I would like to see the Hitman knockout these taxes and debt and restore some order to this current mess. 

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