Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Penders resigns at Houston

I kinda feel like I owe an apology to ex-University of Houston basketball coach Tom Penders.See,I blasted Penders for not doing a good enough job at Houston and saying he deserved to be on the hot seat. Mainly regarding recruiting and lack of NCAA tournament appearances.This was the year Penders finally got the Cougars back to the tournament,the first time since 1992.I thought this would be the kick start the program would finally get after years of being irrelevant.To my surprise,Penders stepped down as head coach.Maybe he saw that the end was near and decided it was best for him to go instead of having a messy departure,like the one he had at Texas.You have to remember,he was not hired by current athletic director Mack Rhoades,and unless you're winning big caoches don't usually stay long when a new regime comes in.Another reason could've been the interview with a New York Times reporter,which Penders stated that Houston had more problems that meet the eye.Like water from the bathroom that leaks onto the court.The facilities not being up to date.Penders having to buy some $70,000 worth of up to date tv and video equipment to scout opponents.Now I can see why they couldn't tap into the rich talent base around the state when it came to recruiting.
  There are rumors that Rhoades may hire former Kentucky,Texas A&M,and UTEP coach,Billy Gillispie,who was hired at UTEP when Rhoades was associate athletic director there.That may be a good hire,but knowing what I know now,Houston basketball is more of a challenge than I thought it was.Penders   says he's not done coaching and may very well land elsewhere before next season.Good luck to him and his future endeavors.Maybe the challenge he takes on will deal more with on the court issues(talent) than off court (facilities,boosters,alums who don't care).

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