Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Reality Boys' Team Up In Cincy

After seemingly being blackballed by the NFL, Terrell Owens finally has a home. Owens is the newest member of the Cincinnati Bengals. Owens officially signed with the Bengals yesterday and now joins fellow reality star Chad Ochocinco. Ownes is a good pickup and him and Ochocinco, along with Antonio Bryant gives the Bengals a potentially explosive group of receivers. Of course if this pairing was done about 5 years ago it would be absolutely lethal. Owens clearly isn't what he once was. Although, even at 37, he has kept himself in great physical condition and still can get the job done. He gives quarterback Carson Palmer another target to throw to, if he can hang onto the ball. Owens has been plagued by drops the past few years and he also has his past to deal with. He does have a lot of baggage, but I also believe he really wanted to win. It just always came to his teammates' expense. Maybe he's turning over a new leaf. He was awfully quiet in Buffalo last year. Not just statwise either. I wasn't in the locker room, but there weren't any public outbursts or throwing his quarterback under the bus. Even though the Bengals are starting to resemble the Raiders of old, with the cast of characters they've assembled, this could actually be a good landing spot for Owens.    

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