Thursday, August 19, 2010

Legarrette Blount Still Has That Fighting Spirit

After supposedly learning his lesson after punching a Boise State player last year, Legarrette Blount is at it again. That punch lowered his draft stock and cost him most of his senior season, also a whole lot of money.

After Blount's helmet was taken off for the second time in a goal line drill defensive end Eric Bakhtiari got in his face and Blount retaliated with a punch. This is standard training camp fare so this might not be as costly. Unless Jeff Fisher thinks he hasn't changed and it costs Blount a roster spot. He did apologize to Fisher and Fisher stated that he wasn't disappointed.

Blount looked like he was ready to go. I think he needs to go to some kind of counseling or something. In my opinion it looks like he hasn't learned anything from his last mistake and from stories that were put out, the Boise State incident wasn't the first time. Maybe he can look up Ron Artest's doc.

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