Saturday, October 23, 2010

That Answers My Question About His Whereabouts

Carter in his glory days 
Every once in a while when me and some friends are talking, the question of what happened to Quincy Carter gets asked. Not that we're genuinely concerned about him. It's that he was once the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and then fell off the map.

Well, the questions about his whereabouts have been answered. He has been arrested on a battery charge recently. Gwinnett County Police say a woman who identified herself as Carter's girlfriend told officers Oct. 6 that the 33-year-old Decatur native was drunk when he choked and hit her because she wanted to end their relationship. Officers said 35-year-old Egan Jacobs had bumps and bruises. Carter was stopped nine days later for driving with an expired tag and a suspended license. He was arrested on the outstanding warrant for battery. Police said he was freed from jail the same day. 

Not what anyone had in mind when he was dumped by Dallas. He wasn't the second coming of Dan Fouts. Hell, he wasn't Vince Evans. But you would think he had some more NFL years in him, even though he had one drug suspension under his belt. He was cut by the Abilene Ruff Riders of the Indoor Football League in 2009 after being charged with drunken driving. He obviously has problems that need to be worked out.

After his drunk driving arrest

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