Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

The BCS underwent another shakeup as Oklahoma ws popped by Missouri, 36-27. The mistakes and inconsistencies that have plagued the Sooners all season finally caught up with them. If you read any earlier postings you would realize that I was never sold on the Sooners and predicted they would be knocked off sometime this season.  Meanwhile, Missouri exorcised some demons of its own (Colorado's fifth down, Shevin "Big Foot" Wiggins) and beat a number one team. Easily the biggest win in school history. Next up is a roadie against Nebraska. If they win that one they will represent the Big 12 North in the conference title game. Maybe a rematch against Oklahoma.

Cam Newton showed why he should be regarded as the Heisman front runner. He ran over LSU and the Tiger defense had a big assist in the win. Word of warning to Auburn. Don't get caught looking ahead to the season ending showdown with Alabama.

Oregon fast breaked their way to another win. A 60-13 beatdown over UCLA. Right now you can roll out the 1978 Steelers and it wouldn't matter. USC might give them a test since the game is in Los Angeles, but the way the Trojan defense has played this year I don't see it.

The Big East should give up their BCS berth. The best the league has to offer, West Virginia dropped a 19-14 decision to Syracuse. AT HOME. Do you really think anyone in this laughable conference deserves to go to a BCS game? Me neither. I know strange things have happened, but whoever comes out of here will be embarrased in their BCS game.

The Texas Longhorns should be ashamed of themselves. There's no way they should be losing games to Iowa State. That shouldn't happen in any year, anywhere. Not even on the playstation. The only time Iowa State should win this game is if Texas was hit with the death penalty. That further proves me right when I said they were frauds earlier this year.

Speaking of frauds, welcome to reality Oklahoma State. Nebraska hung 51 on them and showed that the Cowboys cannot play defense. However the offense can score with anyone. Sounds a lot like Michigan.

Pardon the language here, but Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio has some big ass nuts. First the fake field goal against Notre Dame in overtime. Then he pulls a a fake punt to spark a comeback win over Northwestern. Should they win this week's game against Iowa,they have a an outside shot at the national title game and a clear path to the Rose Bowl. SPARTY ON!

Congratulations to Baylor for being bowl eligible an dentering the rankings for the first time since 1993, which is an eternity in college football. They have an exciting quarterback in Robert Griffin III and a rising coach in Art Briles. The game against Texas will be one to keep an eye on.

Props to my alma mater Navy for running through, over, and around Notre Dame. I can't stand the Fighting Irish which made it even sweeter to see the Middies rolling through them. Eventually Brian Kelly will get things right in South Bend and they'll run up another long winning streak over my beloved Midshipmen.

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