Thursday, December 23, 2010

An All Sports Wish List

In the spirit of Christmas, this is what I think what players, coaches, teams, and organizations will be wishing for under the Christmas tree.

Another year for Michigan's Rich Rodriguez so he can finally get some progress going in Ann Arbor. But they still won't call off the dogs.

For Greg Robinson, another job where he can run his own scheme and not have one forced upon him where he couldn't succeed.

For Jim Leyland, another bat in the lineup that can go for .280, 20 homers and 80 rbi's. Also another starter that can win 10-15 games and eat some innings. Brad Penny anyone?

For Joe Dumars, a new owner so he can take the handcuffs off and rebuild the Pistons and Jared Sullinger

For the Detroit Lions, a referee that can interpret the rules properly.

For North Carolina's Butch Davis, a wish for the NCAA to stop digging up more allegations against his program.

For Tom Izzo and Michigan State, a win against an elite, top level opponent.

For John Beilein and Michigan, a win over Michigan State and to truly close the gap on the Spartans.

For Houston Cougars basketball, a return to their glory years.

For John Pelphrey, another year so he can see his best recruiting class pay off.

For Virginia Tech basketball, an NCAA bid.

For the Detroit Red Wings, an injury free season.

For the San Jose Sharks, to breakthrough and win a Stanley Cup

For the Miami Heat, a strong bench to complement Miami Thrice

For Carmelo Anthony, a home in New York City

For the New York Yankees, another top shelf pitcher

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