Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jenks And The White Sox Are Like A Bad Divorce

Bobby Jenks wasn't bitter when he left the Chicago White Sox, but he was critical of Manager Ozzie Guillen about the way he used and handled him the past few years. Many might see what jenks had to say about Guillen as sour grapes. Jenks is now a member of the Boston Red Sox and all was peaceful until yesterday when Jenks expressed his displeasure with Guillen.

We all know Ozzie isn't one to back down in a war of words. And I expect to hear from him going ballistic on Jenks.No one figured Ozzie's son Oney to get in on the act first. Oney took to Tiwitter, everyone's weapon of choice to put Jenks on blast. Full blast. Here's what Oney had to say about Jenks.

"Hahah memo to Bobby Jenks. Get a clue. You drink too much and you have had marital problems. Huge ones, and the Sox stood behind you. They did not air out your dirty laundry, u came to spring not drinking and then you sucked and started drinking again. Be a man.

"Be a man and tell the manager or the coaching staff how you feel, or the organization when you were with the Sox, not when you leave.

"You cried in the manager's office because you had problems, now you go and talk bad about the Sox after they protected you for seven years. Ungrateful.

"If it wasnt for you Freddy Garcia would have like 17 wins and the Sox would have beat the Twins. You self-diagnosed yourself because you didnt want to pitch. Unreal, I hope the Sox let this guy fucking have it.

"Oh, and yes I remember clearly you blowing a huge game in 2009 and you laughing your bearded ass off while everyone busted their tail. I thought you were a man, not some punk who runs away and talks bullshit. You coward. Say it to their face when you were with them.

"Don't make me air out more than I have to say. You're sorry. Don't disrespect the White Sox ever.

"Now you know what a piece of shit person you rooted for, Chicago. The ones that leave and talk bad about your team. And you say the manager didnt trust you? He kept putting youur fat ass out there and you kept blowing it, he never took you away from that role.

Go read it. It's a Scott Merkin piece, it's a dandy. I hope people say what they really feel instead of me. Although it wouldnt surprise me if the Sox take the high road, and be classy instead of destroying this yellow-bearded, dipping idiot.

"And to think you were actually a cool guy and your word meant something. Too bad you don't hit in the AL so they could drill your ass."

One little story. Remember when you couldn't handle your drinking, and you hit a poor Arizona clubby in the face? I do. And later you covered it with 'I'm sorry.' That's your answer to everything. How can you disrespect your former team like that?

Think about it. This can't be made up and this isn't something Ozzie told him. Oney's a former WhiteSox employee so you know he saw some things in the clubhouse that a lot of us aren't privy to.

Oney's just like his old man. All fire and brimstone. Of course the White Sox organization has distanced themselves from this whole mess. This is just the beginning, because you know Ozzie will have something to say. Only if Oney hasn't said it for him already.

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