Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lions Need To Save Stafford Until Next Year

There are reports circulating saying Matthew Stafford has started throwing again. Of course that means everyone will think he's coming back to close out the season and finish strong to give everyone some hope for next season. I think bringing him back would be the wrong thing to do.

First of all this season is lost. They're 2-10 and not going anywhere. The only thing the Lions can salvage by bringing Stafford back is one or two wins and getting knocked down a few slots in the draft. That shouldn't be a reason to bring him back.Why risk him getting hurt or aggravating the two injuries he's suffered to his shoulder this year. I do think if Stafford were healthy the Lions would be closer to the break even mark rather than 2-10. It's a lost cause to bring him back.

Let Stafford get some rest and rehab. Go back to the drawing board and get some more pieces to make the team a winner. Don't bring him back just to get some meaningless wins. I know coach Jim Schwartz is trying to change a losing culture, but don't possibly risk your so-called "franchise" quarterback's career for the sake of a few wins at the end of the year.

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