Thursday, December 30, 2010

Michigan's Forcier Ineligible For Gator Bowl

I don't advocate cheating in sports. But if your a "student-athlete" how the hell do you become ineligible. That's always been a question I've asked myself. You know there's always at least one person out there who just wants to be your "friend" and will do anything to help you get by.

The reason I bring this up is because Michigan's Tate Forcier is academically ineligible for Michigan's Gator Bowl date with Mississippi State on New Year's Day. Forcier is the backup quarterback to Denard Robinson. If Devin Gardner got the redshirt that Rich Rodriguez requested, the Wolverines are screwed if Robinson gets hurt. I don't know if he got the redshirt or that he can pull it. 

Back to Tate's ineligibility. How does he screw up in the classroom. Granted, I've never been on a college campus, so I'll never know how hard the classes actually are. But for an athlete they give them classes that aren't too hard. Forcier explained that he has never been the greatest student. Well we know that now don't we. He also said that he was street smart, but not smart clasroom-wise. Didn't know you were from the mean streets Tate.

Like I said, I don't know how hard being a "student-athlete" in college can be. But they do give you resources to succeed. And if you have a hard time acheiving in the classroom, there's always someone there to "help".   

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